Private Tutoring

We offer one-on-one tutoring for students of all ages and all levels: from the most basic Math your children need in order to stay ahead in school to the advanced areas of mathematics that build the analytical skills and important work habits they will need in college. SMART School helps you develop logical and abstract thinking, enhance your reasoning skills, and teaches you to communicate better using the language of Math. We help students with their homework, as well as with preparing for all standardized tests, such as SAT-I, SAT-II, SSAT, GR, GMAT, MCAS and so on.

SMART School features a one-on-one program for kindergarteners and first graders. The course combines beginning levels of Math and Chess based on the “Gulko Chess Academy System for Beginners.” The program builds concentration and disciplined thinking. Students learn how to express themselves coherently and how to communicate in a formal language. Through the game of Chess – the oldest thinking game in the world – they learn problem-solving and logical thinking. Overall, the program serves as a great warm-up for future Math studies, and also gives students an opportunity to eventually be enrolled in our regular Gulko Chess Academy groups for players with experience.

Tutoring is also available in Physics, Chemistry and English.