Gulko Chess Academy

The Gulko Chess Academy has developed very effective chess education programs for adults and children. The Academy was founded by International Chess Grandmasters Boris and Anna Gulko. Both have been chess champions in both the former Soviet Union and the United States. The inexhaustible possibilities of chess, which combines strict logic with an unlimited scope of imagination, have made the game a part of our cultural heritage. Chess helps the mind stretch and grow in a fun way. It increases problem-solving skills and improves logic and concentration.

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Boris Gulko
Boris Gulko

Educational benefits

  • Improves study habits.
  • Improves thinking under pressure, which is useful in test taking.
  • Improves and enlarges problem solving skills.
  • Improves student’s ability to concentrate.
  • Develops memory.

Character development

  • Provides a positive structure for leisure time.
  • Teaches students to think before they act, look before they leap.
  • Teaches students to turn losses into learning experiences.
  • Teaches circumspection, as players need to consider the relationship of many different parts.


  • Students will be exposed to chess.
  • Students will learn the fundamentals of the game.
  • Students will have a chance to experience problem solving through the world’s oldest game of skill.

Alexander Ivanov School of Chess

We are happy to announce that in September 2009, U.S. and Pan-American Champion, International Grandmaster Alexander Ivanov is coming back to teach chess at SMART School. Grandmaster Ivanov will be coaching players with a rating of 1300 and higher, in small groups (up to 4 students).


  • History of chess
  • Chess pieces
  • Simple endings
  • Chess strategy and tactics
  • Combinations
  • Principles of opening play
  • Chess openings
  • Great players and tournaments
  • World Champions
  • Computers and chess
Alexander Ivanov
Alexander Ivanov

International Grandmaster, U.S. Chess Champion (1995), Pan-American Champion (1998), multiple New England and Massachusetts Champion. Coached V. Smyslov, G.Kamsky, US National Women’s team.